Workshop: Processing Policy Recommendations on Water Management and Ecological Security

The objective of the CEWP Lot 1 event was to produce a joint view of the goals, methodology process and outputs of the policy recommendations, expected by the Chinese Institutions involved in River Basin Management and Ecological Security activities. A tentative methodology has been shared and discussed, as well as expected policy documents to be produced. The main idea is to use the topics of Lot 1 as a global framework and basis for the development of the policy recommendations for each Lot.

Almost 50 participants took part to the workshop, held on 8 November in Beijing. The presentations can be found here.

Chinese representatives from the MWR, all seven Chinese river basin commissions, water resources departments and several research institutes attended to the event. The workshop was organized as a side event of the CEWP Annual High-Level Policy Dialogue Conference by the Focus Area of River Basin Management and Ecological Security (Lot 1).

The workshop focused on the Lot 1 work package 3, dedicated to the ”synthesis of results and experiences arising from pilot studies and other sources of information”, in order to produce three thematic policy papers and adaptation of EU tools and methods of river basin management in China. The work package is led by the University of Évora and the Ministry of Environment, Portugal. During the event, it was addressed that the communication with Chinese policy makers is essential to get them involved in the stakeholder groups and to the development work useful for decision making. The workshop session was a brainstorm style event, involving the audience to share fresh thoughts on the topics. It also successfully solved the ways for the involvement of the Chinese relevant key players.

Lot 1 workshop_8.10.2018_edited.jpg


The Lot 1 partners want to stress the importance of building on the results of the workshop, in order to continue the development of the political recommendations process. It is also important to define, especially on the Chinese side, the methodology that needs to be followed to bring policy recommendations to the highest level. Lot 1 will continue discussions and knowledge exchange in upcoming events with the MWR and Chinese River Basin Commissions. During the development of the project, Lot 1 will make the necessary efforts to systematically acknowledge the policy pillar as an essential component of the CEWP-PI.

The policy dialogue is one of the three pillars of the CEWP (Business opportunities, Research & innovation and Policy recommendations). In addition to the business opportunities, one of the main objectives of Lot 1 is to provide recommendations to the consideration of the Chinese policy makers in close contact with the EU expectations in this field.