Session on Integrated Planning and Development of Hydro-Wind-Solar Power

A session on Integrated planning and development of hydro-wind-solar power: Enhancing clean electric power system transition will be organized on 17th October, at 14 - 17:30, in Beijing. This session is organized during International Symposium on Water System Operations

The main purpose of the session is to have an exchange and discussion between experts from China and Europe on a wide range of issues related to the clean energy system design and power market transformation. More specifically, the session will center the discussion around the role of hydropower as an enabler for enhancing regional energy cooperation and market integration, including integrated hydro-wind-solar system design; hydro scheduling in multiple power markets; optimization algorithms and modeling; pumped storage hydropower and ancillary services; regional energy cooperation and market integration mechanisms and best practices, among others.

The session is jointly organized by two major on-going projects. One is funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China on Hydro-Wind-Solar Complementary System Planning and Design. The other is the EU funded Sustainable Hydropower Use and Integration in China and EU under the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP).

Please read more about the session here.

Empark Grand Hotel, Beijing