Second Policy Recommendations Workshop (Lot 1) - Water Management and Ecological Security


In the frame of the activities of CEWP-PI Lot 1 WP 3 – “Synthesis of results and experiences arising from pilot studies and other sources of information”, we are expected to produce synthesis of pilot project's results and experiences, and translate these into policy papers and reports. As a continuation to the first workshop held in Beijing last November, in the upcoming workshop we intend to go a little deeper in what we expect from the policy recommendations that we can extract out of the work being developed during the next 3 years.

The event will be followed by a study visit to see the work being conducted by “Restoration, Ecosystem Services and -Biodiversity” working group of CEWP - on Nanxi Watershed.


For more information, see the workshop invitation

Yongjia Yuijin International Hotel, Yongjia, China