Scoping and Focusing the Policy Dialogues on Groundwater Management

The Rural Water and Food Security project (PI RURAL) opened the 6th Annual Meeting of the CEWP in Beijing 6. November 2018 by a workshop setting the frame for policy dialogues on groundwater management 2019-2021. The agenda can be viewed here.


Lot 2 Groundwater policy workshop.jpg


Based on workshop recommendations the PI RURAL expects to schedule 3 policy dialogues:

  • 2019    Groundwater Quantity Management
  • 2020    Groundwater Quality Management
  • 2021    Groundwater allocation and sustainable use

Special attention will be given to raise funding for a joint awareness raising and public information campaign to raise the visibility of groundwater as a hidden treasure to be treated and used accordingly.

See workshop report here.


Links to the supporting documents: 

1. Introduction  - Significance of Groundwater_Lars Skov Andersen.pdf

2. EU WFD - Groundwater Implementation_Martin Griffiths.pdf

3. Groundwater Control based on ecological security_CHEN Ying.pdf

4. Optimising water allocation on the NCP_Suxia Liu.pdf

5. EU – China Strategic Knowledge Exchange on Groundwater.pdf

6. Groundwater Directive Handbook - Draft - EU China RBMP.pdf

7. Griffiths, 2012 - Regulation for Water Quality Handbook - Chinese - 欧洲水质管理制度与实践手册.pdf

8. Griffiths, 2014 - Regulation for Water Quality Handbook - English.pdf


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