Scoping and Focusing the Policy Dialogues on Groundwater Management

In PI RURAL we plan to continue the policy dialogue on groundwater management, use and protection that many of you participated in at the MWR Development Research Centre in June 2016 held with support from EU TAIEF. The report and presentations from that meeting can be found here.

The PI RURAL work program includes 3 policy dialogues:

  • 2019    Groundwater Quantity Management
  • 2020    Groundwater Quality Management
  • 2021    Groundwater allocation and sustainable use.

The purpose of the dialogues is to assemble Chinese and European opinions and recommendations, which can form the basis for policy recommendations and road-maps for China and EU Member States to move further towards long-term sustainable abstraction and priorities for use of groundwater resources.

To start this process a workshop will take place on Tuesday 6th November 13:30 – 17:30 at the Xinyuan Hotel, where we invite all EU WP leaders, Chinese partners and other interested stakeholder to participate. The draft agenda can viewed here.

In the workshop PI RURAL partners are kindly invited to share their opinions on the scope, focus and priority of the knowledge exchanges and the resulting policy briefs.

Beijing, Xinyuan Hotel