Review CEWP Business Exchange Meeting

The CEWP Business Exchange Meeting took place the last 9 June 2021, at the 16th China International Water Business Summit, and can be reviewed HERE.

A report about the meeting can be consulted HERE.

Presentations are available here:

  1. River management to ensure the high-quality development of the Changjiang River Economic Belt by Huang Yan, Deputy Chief Engineer of Changjiang Water Resources Commission, MWR
  2. Policy opportunities of urban water development and wastewater reuse to achieve carbon neutral target (video) by Mrs. Anabela Rebelo, Portuguese Environment Agency
  3. Interpretation and Analysis of Water Resources Work for the Fourteenth Five Year Plan of China by Yang Xiaoru from General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and DesignMWR
  4. Sino-French Haihe River Basin integrated water resources management project by  Xu He, Senior Engineer of HWCC
  5. Introduction of groundwater cooperation outcomes and Groundwater recharge Technology (video) by Bjørn Jensen of GEUS, Denmark
  6. Development of European businesses in the water sector in China by Liam Jia, Operations Manager of EU SME
  7. The concept and practice of water data ecosystem by Benoit Fan, Technical Director for Veolia China Municipal Water & BES
  8. Organica FCR Solution For WWTP (online)by Mr. Chen Miaodang, Sales Director of Hungary Organica
  9. UROS Flow case study (online)by Mr. Chen Wenchao, General Manager of UROS Ltd.
  10. New approaches on flood measurement by Zhu Qian, General Manager Assistant of Austria SOMMER
  11. Air water Machine by Ivan Melnikov (online), Chief Representative China of Watergen
  12. Leakage detection technology and case application by Danish AVK (TBC)
  13. Integration solution of modern irrigation district by Lu Lin, Senior VP of Beijing huitu Technology Co., Ltd
  14. Flow measurement by Radar by Du Jiayan, Product Manager of Shanghai Hangzheng Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd