PI RURAL - Policy Dialogue on Groundwater Quantity Management

PI RURAL will hold a Policy Dialogue Seminar on Groundwater Quantity Management in China, tentatively scheduled for Beijing during the week 24 or 25 in June 2019. Place, date and draft program will be published by April 7th, 2019.

The Seminar is the first of three annual seminars on groundwater management that shall lead to formulation of policy briefs and guidelines to be presented at the CEWP Annual Conferences. 

The planned annual seminars are: 

2019      Groundwater Quantity Management (China)

2020      Groundwater Quality Management (Denmark, IWA World Water Congress,18-23 October, 2019)

2021      Sustainable use of Groundwater (China)


For advance information and expression of interest please contact: Lars Skov Andersen, chinarm@mail.dk

Beijing, China