Open Call to Presentation of Emerging Issues Activities

CEWP launches an open call to presentation of emerging issues to be supported under the Frame of CEWP Partnership Instrument – Horizontal Activities (Lot 5).

In Workpackage 3 of Horizontal Activities project the objective is to explore issues of mutual interest and benefit policy and related challenges, approaches and possible impact, to analyse and describe how synergies can be achieved and trade-offs avoided, and to develop proposals for how China and Europe  specifically can cooperate about selected issues.

With this framework we inform that a call is open to support activities of Cooperation Between Europe and China on Emerging Issues of mutual interest. Please find here the open call and here the call template.

Themes to be explored: Digitalization in the frame of

  • Water Management and Ecological Security
  • Rural Water and Food Security
  • Water and Urbanisation
  • Water and Energy Security

Timing of the call: 10th of June until 30th of June at 12:00 p.m. CEST.

Activities to be supported: Desk studies, workshops and/or round table discussions on emerging issues for new water policy issues which are of mutual interest for China and EU. Funding can be given to recovery of costs related to venues, travels, international experts but not own costs for human resources.

Type of Support: Maximum and minimum amount to be funded per activity: 2 500€ - 10 000€.

Eligible area of activities: EU and China.

Eligible Entities: Public bodies, Public law bodies (bodies governed by public law) and provate non-profit bodies from EU Member States. The involvement of Chinese partners is made through the European Institution presenting the application. Chinese institution involvement is mandatory. 

Application process: All interest parties from all EU Member States may present their questions or application by sending an e-mail with the template (in annex) to