Launch of Urban Water 2020 track of CEWP Business Program

urban water

Aquatech Amsterdam gave space for the launch of the CEWP Urban Water 2020 track of the Business Program. On November 6th, a side-event was organized, providing insight to the companies attending the Aquatech Amsterdam Water Technology Expo of the current activities of CEWP related to Urban Water within the PI Project funded by the European Commission and the draft outline of the events to be held under the framework of the CEWP PI Business Program.


The presentations of the event

Henrik Dissing, Program Manager, CEWP: Welcome remarks, introduction to China Europe Water Platform Business Program and the 2020 Urban Water theme

Gerard de Vries, Program Manager, CEWP, Rijkswaterstaat: Urban Water Challenges in China; CEWP Urban Water Program

Liam Jaczii - Business Development Advisor, EU SME Centre, Beijing: The Urban Water Market in China, with a specific focus on the priority regions

Henrik Dissing, Program Manager, CEWP: Digital Transformation in the Water Sector – Smart Water and Smart Cities


The Urban Water Program is currently anticipated to have the following events:

  • 1Q, 2020 – Information Events in China in April
  • 2Q, 2020 – Side-events @Aquatech Shanghai (June 3rd-5th, 2020)
  • 4Q, 2020 – Side-event @IWA World Congress, Copenhagen (October 18th-23rd, 2020) – combined with inviting Chinese organizations to other European countries


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