Policy Dialogue

Water is a critical natural resource for people, for food and for energy. Sustainable water management is a key to safeguard sufficient and clean water for different uses. Ongoing collaboration on water management is of great significance to both China and Europe to prevent future global water crises.

As stated by the Joint statement, with the support of the EU Water Initiative (EUWI) and based on reciprocity and mutual benefit, CEWP was established to achieve the objectives of realising good governance in managing water resources and enhancing mutual understanding on approaches in integrated water resources policy development and implementation.

Since the CEWP was introduced, seven annual high-level Dialogue Conferences have been held respectively in Zhengzhou, Budapest, Beijing, Copenhagen, Turku, Beijing and Guimarães.

You can find below the Ministerial Declarations signed during these meetings: 

The last High Level Dialogue Conference took place in november 2019 in Guimarães, Portugal. 

As a result of this meeting a Ministerial Declaration was signed identifying the priority areas for further cooperation between European countries represented in this Platform and China. In the declaration, European countries and China commit themselves to push for attainment of the Agenda 2030 Water-Related Goals, to promote high-level mutual visits and expertise change, as well as to improve water governance policy and explore initiatives for joint research. Water saving, smart water conservation, sustainable hydropower, ecological protection and source to sea management were identified as priority areas for the future.