Business Event: Industrial Water Use

You can learn more about main findings from the Chengdu and Qingdao Events, as well as the overall conclusions from the 2019 activities, here

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  • What are the current and upcoming challenges for Industrial Water Use? Which changes can be expected? Which regulatory demands can be expected in the coming years?
  • Does the market functionality sufficiently address the current and future challenges? Does the market have the right balance between prioritizing CAPEX costs versus the following OPEX costs and reinvestment needs (follow up CAPEX)?
  • What are the perspectives regarding increased efficiency and effectiveness due to digital transformation?
  • What are the needs for innovation, new partnerships and new procurement methods, including Open Innovation Methods?
  • Will these predictions of changes be correct?
    • Water use efficiency of solutions and technologies need to be improved by 50% by 2025 compared to 2015
    • Reuse of water at wastewater treatment plants will grow to at least 20% by 2025
    • Energy efficiency of solutions and technologies need to be improved by 50% by 2025 compared to 2015
    • Real-time monitoring of all quantitative and simple chemical parameters will be fully implemented by 2022.
    • Real-time monitoring of all advance chemical parameters (medico-pharma, coli bacteria, metals etc) will be fully implemented by 2025-2028.
    • Integrated IoT based monitoring systems with AI and other advanced tools fully implemented by 2022 and gradually incorporating data reg advanced parameters

In November 2019, the CEWP Business and Innovation Program gives you the opportunity to visit two Tech Expos within the same travel by initiating side-events at both venues of the EUPIC Twin Fair in Chengdu and Qingdao. Here you will meet Chinese Industrial Processing Companies with needs for upgrading of their technologies, as well as Chinese Water Tech Companies who could be your new partner at this interesting market.

The program will include at least three activities:

  • EUPIC Plenary Session and a number of technical side-events, in Chengdu on November 11th-12th, 2019, and in Qingdao on November 14th-15th, 2019, with opportunities for your company to take an active role
  • EUPIC B2B Matchmaking, undertaken in co-operation with Enterprise Europe Network, with additional profiling of your company in the Twin Fair Handbook as well as opportunities for having your own booth
  • CEWP Future Market Session with comprehensive discussions reg upcoming challenges for resilient long-term solutions: climate change, circular economy, digital transformation, strengthened regulatory framework.
  • CEWP Open Innovation Meetings where Challenge Owners will present concrete cases, which will be thoroughly discussed with selected Water Technology Suppliers. Your company can be one of them.

Please see invitation flyer here.
The detailed programs for the two events can be found here: Qingdao, Chengdu 

For registration to the EUPIC Twin Fair Expo (registration fee required), go to the EUPIC website. From the website you can also see the Chinese and European companies signed up to the fair.

For registration – and your possible interest in taking active part with a presentation or as roundtable participant - to the CEWP side-events (free of charge), pls send email with your name, company and contact info to


For more information about local market opportunities, you can download a report Industrial Wastewater Report.

For information about the technological developments and innovations in the Industrial Food Sector, you can download this report: Background document CEWP P1 Business and Innovation Programme.


Report on last year's Twin Fair: 

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