Focus Area River Basin Management and Ecological Security

Under the framework of the China-Europe Water Platform, the Focus Area "Water management and ecological security" aims at addressing the best ways to implement Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) at river basin level, involving all users in order to increase efficiency of water use, address point and diffuse pollution, restore ecological functions, ecosystem services and biodiversity on water bodies. It includes planning mechanisms, dialogue and consultation among all basin stakeholders, users’ participation mechanisms, economic analysis and financial mechanisms for sustainable management of water resources, ecosystem and biodiversity.

In the EU the environment and biodiversity are at the top of agenda priorities. Results are the outcome of decades of work to mitigate and restore the impacts of economic activities in the environment. The Water Framework Directive, Floods Directive, Habitats and Environment Liability Directives were introduced to overcome an urgent need for pollution control and promote better human well-being. All these legislative acts are the motor for innovative ways to promote better and efficient water management and ecological security in Europe and can be a starting point for exchange of experiences and promotion of a similar approach in China.


There are currently three Subprogrammes under this Focus Area

  • River Basin Management (Lead Partners: France – China)
  • Lakes and Water Quality Management (Lead Partners: Finland – China)
  • Restoration, Ecosystem Services & Biodiversity (Lead Partners: Portugal China)

Current Activities

Current activities in the Focus Area are covering

  • Implementation of a project supported by EU and 3 members states aiming at testing the principles of WFD application in pilot areas, developing policy recommendations based on feedback experience, and disseminating results to all concerned institutions in China
  • Exchange of experiences through participation to international conferences in China and reception of Chinese delegations in Europe
  • Support to the development of partnerships between Europe and China for institutions in charge of water management, research centres and companies developing innovative technologies

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