EU China Water Policy Dialogue Process

The CEWP policy dialogue process builds on the EU China River Basin Management Program (2006-2012) and a Dialogue on Groundwater Policy, Legislation and Standards carried out by the CEWP Focus Area on Rural Water and Food Security in 2016 in both cases requested by the MWR Development Research Centre.

In 2011 the RBMP and DRC team agreed to analyse 3 of 6 Chinese national water security challenges as guidance for implementation of the 2011 No. 1 Policy Document on “Accelerating the Water Conservancy Reform and Development”.

The analysis comprised Strategic Knowledge Exchanges between the expert teams followed by workshop and seminar consultations of MWR staff at central and provincial levels.


The outputs were five analysis reports, three strategy documents and one summary report:

Water Supply Security Management Analysis and Strategy

Flood Risk Security Analysis and Strategy

Water Ecology Security Analysis and Strategy

Economic Approaches in Water Management

Legal and Institutional Analysis for the No. 1 Document

No. 1 Document Strategic Knowledge Exchange (Summary)


The 2016 Dialogue on Groundwater Policy, Legislation and Standards was made possible by co-funding by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, the EU Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Facility (TAIEF) and the MWR. The output in this case a note summarising the recommendations for DRC to take forward within MWR.

EU – China Strategic Knowledge Exchange on Groundwater Policy, Legislation and Standards


Lars Skov Andersen
Coordinator of the PI RURAL Groundwater Policy Dialogues