Conclusions from Business Program focus on Industrial Water Use

In 2019, CEWP hosted four Business and Innovation Program Events and prepared/identified a number of background documents /1-5/ on industrial water use with the aim of helping European Companies in getting access to the significant Chinese Market for Industrial Water Technologies and of facilitating establishment of innovation-oriented relation-building between Chinese and European experts.

The focus on Industrial Water Use started with two Information Meetings held in Qingdao on April 12th and at the IE Expo in Shanghai on April 15th with more than 200 participants from China and Europe, followed by the 14th EU-China EUPIC/EEN fair in Qingdao and Chengdu in November 11th-15th with more than 300 participants.

Based on the results of the activities, the main conclusions were drawn up:

  • Significant water scarcity hampers secure water supply to industries.

  • Significant upgrade of regulatory requirements.

  • Industries faces significant policy risks.

  • Market focus on “Buy Cheap” prevents “Buy Clever”.

  • Digital Transformation is gaining momentum, but unevenly implemented.

  • Tenders for B2G doesn’t promote Technologies for the Future.

  • Overall Conclusion: Current Market Functioning leads to short-term focus.

You can find more information about the events and the main conclusions here

The main conclusions will be examined further in the so-called Market Functioning Seminars, which will be part of the Business Program 2020. Find more information