The Chinese Water Market: facts, trends, opportunities, do's and dont's - Questionnaire about Market Barriers

The Chinese Water Market has been growing at huge growth rates for several years. Recently this has even been accelerated, not least due to substantially, increasing regulatory demands by the Chinese Government, a.o. following the launch of the Water Ten Action Plan. Accordingly, this market is considered to be one of the most important major markets to access for European Water Tech Companies, not only to gain market shares, but also to be closely connected to the strong, innovative momentum which is being released during these years in China.

On November 5th, an event was held at the Aquastage in the midst of the large Aquatech Amsterdam Water Technology Expo. The event included two presentations, which together gave insight on what needs to be known reg the Chinese Market for Water Technologies.The presentations can be downloaded here:

The event also gave information about the current Business Program 2019 track on Industrial Water Use and the 2020 track on Urban Water.

The CEWP Business Program is currently inviting European Water Technology Companies to fill in a questionnaire about Market Barriers in China, pls use this link.

Through this analysis, a range of topics ranging from expectations to the development of the market in the coming years, market strategies, the role of Design Institutes in issuing of tenders, to legal framework and IP fraud, will be covered, hopefully shredding new light on the functioning of the market, and in the end assess the markets’ ability to deliver solution required to meet current water challenges.

The questionnaire is open until December 15th 2019.