CEWP Business Access Conference 28-29 June 2017


The CEWP Business Access Conference took place 28-29 June 2017 as part of the Qingdao International Water Congress organised in cooperation with the China Desalination Association Branch of the China Water Enterprise Confederation (CWEC).

The Congress had >1000 registered participants and exhibitions by 115 companies of which only a handful were international.

The EU participation comprised 25 representatives of the CEWP from China, Denmark, Finland, France and Portugal, including 3 European companies present in China.

Mr Eric Tardieu, Director General of the French International Office of Water, gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony and chaired three CEWP sessions, the CEWP conferences including the CEWP Access Conference, a River Basin Management and Urban Climate Change Adaptation Conference, in China known as Sponge Cities, and a B2B event. The Access Conference Report and selected presentations are now available.

The CEWP is likely to make the Qingdao event part of its future business development program, not least because the CDA staff did an admirable job and delivered a well organised and implemented conference.