Aquatech Shangai: Water Technology and Market Access Seminars


On the 3rd of June, two seminars on digitalisation and circular economy of the water sector had been held at Aquatech in Shanghai as follow-up discussions of the CEWP webinar series organized previously focusing on different perspectives of Urban Water management. In total, the seminars had around 70 participants from both online and offline at the stage at Aquatech.

In both seminars, the Setting the Scene speeches as well as the Company Technology presentations used the same main drivers of climate change, increased water demand from urbanization and industrialization, and pollution due to inadequate wastewater treatment and inefficient enforcement as main references for the challenges facing the water sector. Also, the main enablers were equal: digitalization and circular economy inspired solutions. As a continuation of the previous discussion held around digitalization and circular economy - in particular the link between water and energy solutions were central to most of the webinars. Click here for EU SME full report.

Seminar on Digitalisation: Click here to view | Click here to see the full presentation
Seminar on Circular Economy: Click here to view | Click here to see the full presentation