8th High Level Dialogue Conference of the China Europe Water Platform


The 8th High Level Dialogue Conference of the China Europe Water Platform took place on the 21st and 22 of january. 

It was the first virtual High Level Meeting and during the two days, the following events took place:

  • Seminar on Science and Technology Cooperation (21st January)
  • Workshop on Business Cooperation (21st January)
  • High Level Meeting  (22nd January)

To consult the documents and presentations of each of the events, please follow the links below:

Session 1: Ecological Protection and Restoration

  1. Water Ecological Restoration Technology Innovation by Mr. Peng Wenqi, Director, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Reserach
  2. Ecological Restoration Technology Innovation by Mrs. Ana Mendes, Researcher/Professor of the University of Évora, Portugal

Session 2: New Scientific Cooperation opportunities in China and Europe

  1. Opportunities arising from China's scientific programs and initiatives by Ms. Sun Yan, INTCE, MWR
  2. Opportunities arising from European programs and initiatives

Section 3: Outcomes Sharing of PI

  1. LOT 1: River Basin Management, Mr. Eric Tardieu and Mr. Kang Jie
  2. LOT 2: Rural Water and Urbanization, Mr. Bjorn Jensen
  3. LOT3: Water and Urbanization, Mrs. Natalie Abrahams and Mr. Gong Daoxiao
  4. LOT4: Water and Energy, Mr. Xie Xinghua and Mr. Frank Zhang
  5. LOT5: Horizontal Activities, Mr. Henrik Dissing and Mr. Pedro Liberato

Business Field 1 : Efficient use of water 

Setting the Scene

Efficient use of water

Leakage reduction, control systems and detection

Reuse of treated wastewater

Business Field 2: Smart water management

Setting the scene

Smart Sponge City Management

Smart Meters and efficient use systems

Algorithms and Software of Smart Platform