Water Quality

Problems and drivers
With only 7% of the world’s water and more than 20% of its population, water stress in China is a real challenge, further complicated by uneven repartition and heavy pollution. The main causes of water pollution are industrial discharges, agricultural run‐off and domestic wastewater. The total volume of wastewater discharged has been increasing since 1991, with about 54 billion tons of untreated waste directly dumped into China’s lakes and rivers in 2006.

Overall objective
The objective of this component will be to conduct dialogue between relevant Chinese and European government and local authorities on policies, regulations and administrative implementation of technical or economic tools which have proven efficient in improving the water quality of watercourses. It will help formulate policy recommendations and improve practices in water management.
Exchanges will be based on the core documents defining water management in both China and Europe, including but not limited to:

  • EU WFD Implementation Experience
  • EU Water Blueprint
  • China No.1 Document (2011)
  • China Three Red Lines Strategy (2012)


Related CEWP Focus Area and links to other Co-lead Programs

The present Co-lead Program on Water Quality ( – ) is part of the Focus Area on Water Management & Ecological Security, which also includes the Co-lead program on River Basin Management ( – ), and the Co-lead program on Restoration, Ecosystem Services & Biodiversity.

Risks & Mitigating actions

Important assumptions and risks associated with the program are:
o Adequate commitment from Danish government agencies, consultants and technology companies to contribute time, resources and equipment
o Adequate interest, facilitation and participation in program implementation by Ministry of Water Resources and Shandong Province
o Willingness and ability of rural populations to pay and of governments to charge for water services

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