Water & Energy nexus

Problems and drivers
Major achievements have been made in both China and Europe to improve the effective management of water resources, to improve reliability of urban water supply and promote water saving and protection, but both regions clearly experience different phases in their urban development. While Europe experiences a relatively mature level of urbanisation with low rural-to-urban migration, China will continue to see rapid expansion of its cities over the coming decades. The development of cities will not only transform the physical landscape and but also bring dramatic changes in the demand for water, energy, and food.

Overall objective
Ensuring urban water security through better management of the water, energy, food nexus.

Immediate objectives

Research and innovation objectives:

  • Identification and promotion of opportunities for business and policy innovation in water and energy nexus
  • Exchange between Chinese and European authorities on state of the art approaches and technologies
  • Improve methods for analyzing synergies and conflicts between the major water uses of domestic, industrial, agricultural and energy production in developing urban areas to balance water supply and demand.
  • Improved methods for analyzing the energy use of the urban water sector, techniques for water and energy saving and impacts on greenhouse gas emissions.

Policy objectives:

  • Chinese and European cities improve and ensure water security
  • Improved resilience of water and energy infrastructure to impacts of climate change
  • Improved policy coherence between water and energy in China and the EU
  • Improved capacity of local and national authorities to implement key policies through technical guidance on water and energy policies and technologies and how these may relate to agriculture
  • Improved regulation of water abstraction, wastewater discharge and water rights trading in the context of the 3 red lines policy and requirements to rebalance water use between urban, energy sector and irrigation water users during process of urbanization

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