Small Scale Hydropower

Problems and drivers
The promotion of renewable energy sources in Europe, including hydropower, is a priority that is outlined in the related EU Directive on Renewable Energy Sources (RES-e; 2009/28/EC). The EU RES-e Directive follows up the 1997 White Paper on renewable energy sources and aims to get 20% of its total consumption from renewable sources by 2020. The combined implementation and achievement of their requirements regarding both (i) the RES-e Directive aiming at a significant increase of renewable energy production including hydropower development and (ii) the EU Water Framework Directive aiming to achieve good water status at the latest by 2027 have become a challenge. As the EU WFD requires no decrease of water status a coordinated implementation of RES-e is a prerequisite to prevent negative adverse impacts on water status that may stem form hydropower.

Immediate objectives
The cooperation activity aims to:

  • Compare up-grading and optimisation standards for small hydropower schemes in China and Europe
  • Develop a common understanding and outline guidelines on environmental standards (Green Hydropower) for effective measures to meet respective legal aims and to prevent as well as reduce negative adverse impacts
  • Develop a project implementation plan to implement the guideline during 2015 and 2016
  • Select pilot sites in China and Europe for joint and future testing of the developed standards and guidelines
  • Hold two workshops (China and Europe) to further develop draft documents and support the achievement of tasks
  • Define next-steps to test and calibrate the developed standards and guidelines;


Related CEWP Focus Area and links to other Co-lead Programs

The present Co-lead Program on Small Scale Hydropower (Austria – ) is part of the Focus Area on Water & Energy Security, which also includes the Co-lead program on Water & Energy nexus (Sweden – ).

Further info

International Center on Small Hydropower

Linda Hu (xbhu@ischp.org)
Liu Heng (hliu@china.com)

Groundwater Partnership Working Group:
Birgit Vogel (bv@rbm-solutions)
Andreas Tschulik (Andreas.Tschulik@lebensministerium.at);
Wolfgang Stalzer (wolfgang.stalzer@aon.at)