Integrated Urban water Management

Problems and drivers
Population growth, urbanisation and migration will be the key pressure on water resources in both EU and Chinese cities.

Policy justification
The 18th congress of CPC Instruction on New Urbanisation and National Plan on New Urbanization (2014-2020) provides a policy justification for focusing on Integrated Urban Water Management.

Overall objective
The overall objective will be securing urban water as a means to ensuring social and economic issues related to the future growth of cities.


The present urban water challenges in both China and Europe can be summarized in the following sub-issues which will be in focus during next 3-5 years:

  • Non-revenue water (saving water resources and energy for water supply)
  • Pluvial flooding (urban flooding from local rainstorms – cloud bursts)
  • Urban water resources (water reuse, storm water harvesting, blue and green cities)
  • Water in the urban landscape – living with the water
  • Policy and organizational framework for IUWM

Related CEWP Focus Area and links to other Co-lead Programs

The present Co-lead Program on Integrated Urban water Management (Denmark – ) is part of the Focus Area on Water & Urbanization, which also includes the Co-lead program on Flood Risk Management & Dike Safety (The Netherlands – ).