Problems and drivers
Large parts of northern China have experienced falling groundwater tables over the last decades. If this trend continues, it may have serious impacts on national food security and people’s livelihood in these areas.

Policy justification
The Government of China has initiated preparation of new Groundwater Policy, Legislation and Standards with initial focus on permitting of groundwater abstraction and other measures to achieve total quantity control.

Overall objective
The objective is to enhance EU China cooperation on sustainable management, protection and use of groundwater resources within fields that take EU research, innovation and technology to the market to in China.

Immediate objectives
Enhance the policy dialogue between EU, Denmark and China on groundwater policy, legislation and standards.

Facilitate and lead joint research on groundwater survey, mapping, resource assessment, restoration of depleted groundwater aquifers, groundwater dependent ecosystems and groundwater monitoring.

Enhance business cooperation and dialogue initially focusing on groundwater-based rural water supply and technologies for reduction of diffuse pollution from agricultural sources.


    Finalized outputs:

Strategic knowledge exchange (with Ministry of Water Resources, Development Research Centre and Chinese provincial staff) on new Chinese policy, legislation and standards in Beijing (June 2016).

Expert exchanges on groundwater management and monitoring with Shandong Water Research Institute and Chinese Universities in Shandong (2015 and 2016), Beijing (2015 and 2016) Denmark and Spain (2016).

Lead on EU Partnership Instrument application for CEWP Focus Area 2 Rural Water and Food Security (Started 2015 with expected award 2016).

Contract on groundwater-based water supply for rural areas within Yishui City, Linyi County, Shandong Province.

Framework agreement with Linyi County, Shandong Province on delivery of up to 100 groundwater-based rural water supply systems.

Facilitation of 3 successful applications to the Danish Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Fund (2014-2016).

Facilitation, organisation or participation in programs for 18 study tours of Chinese delegations to Denmark (2014-2016).

    Future outputs:

Policy exchanges on:
o Significance of groundwater as a strategic water resource
o Significance of groundwater for groundwater-based rural water supply
o Water footprint as a tool to optimise the economic value of rural water
o Regulatory measures to reduce groundwater pollution by nutrients and

Research cooperation on:
o Urban water security for Jinan City under future climate change
o Protection of groundwater dependent springs and ecosystems in Jinan City
o Managed aquifer recharge for restoration of depleted groundwater aquifers
o Mapping, modelling and measures to combat saltwater intrusion on flood plains and in coastal areas
o Water quality assessment, monitoring, and data management
o Measures and technologies for restoration of depleted groundwater aquifers

Business exchanges and cooperation on:
o Geophysical methods for rapid identification and mapping of groundwater aquifers in areas with severe water shortages (Outside Shandong)
o Marketing and demonstration of groundwater-based water supply in rural areas of northern China
o Capacity building in drilling technology
o Technologies for reduction of diffuse pollution from agriculture

Related CEWP Focus Area and links to other Co-lead Programs

The Co-lead Program on Groundwater (Denmark – Shandong Province) is part of the CEWP Focus Area on Rural Water and Food Security, which also includes the Co-lead program on Irrigation administered by Spain.

Risks & Mitigating actions

Important assumptions and risks associated with the program are:
o Adequate commitment from Danish government agencies, consultants and technology companies to contribute time, resources and equipment
o Adequate interest, facilitation and participation in program implementation by Ministry of Water Resources and Shandong Province
o Willingness and ability of rural populations to pay and of governments to charge for water services

Further info

Government Representative:
Henrik Dissing, Special Adviser to Agency for Water and Land Management.
Tel.: +45 7254 4895

Groundwater Partnership Working Group:
Bjørn Kaare Jensen, Program Director, Vice-Director General, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.
Tel.: +45 3814 2000

Lars Skov Andersen, Program Coordinator, Director ChinaRM
Tel.: +45 2613 6263

Peter Ølbye, Program Business Manager, Director WeDoChina
Tel.: +45 2018 4868