Water & Energy Security

Problems and drivers
Water & Energy Security is a key long-term strategic issue of high importance for both China and the EU. Lack of access to water and energy resources could severely limit the possibilities for future economic growth.

Policy justification
International cooperation in finding long-term solutions to the future water and energy challenges will be key to preventing not just local problems but also international conflicts related to water and energy ressources.

Overall objective
The overall goal of this Focus Area is to contribute to the achievement of the overarching aims of the CEWP generating policy recommendations and joint projects by involving governments, businesses, and researchers from the EU and China.

Immediate objectives
The immediate objectives are:

  • Provide policy recommendations for how to improve water and energy planning and governance processes in China and Europe
  • Develop and promote improved methods for analysing energy use and renewable energy sources within the water sector, techniques for water and energy saving and impacts on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Develop approaches for optimised energy generation, water use and recovery towards economic efficiency, growth and cost recovery also contributing to climate change adaptation
  • Develop and promote innovative technologies for energy efficient and cost effective wastewater treatment, water and energy use as well as supply (municipal/industry/agriculture)
  • Develop innovative approaches for planned hydropower schemes towards highest possible generation and cost efficiency and ensuring limited environmental impacts
  • Promote business opportunities that can drive and strengthen future research, innovation and economic development for the two involved Co-Leads and, hence, this Focus Area.


Links to other Co-lead Programs

The Strategic Focus Area will be enacted with the assistance of CEWP Co-Lead Programmes. For the period 2015 to 2017 these currently are: Water-Energy Nexus (Sweden – United Kingdom – China) and Small Hydropower (Austria – China). Other Co-Leads may be established in the Strategic Focus Area as the CEWP develops.


Further info
Mr. Tomas Andersson, tomas.andersson@havochvatten.se