Chinese Water Securities (RBMP)

In 2012 the EU China River Basin Management Program and the Development Research Centre of the Ministry of Water Resources had a Strategic Knowledge Exchange on strategies for implementation of the 2011 Chinese No.1 Document on Water Sector Reform and Development. The outputs were a set of strategy recommendations for the MWR comprising 1 summary report, 5 strategic and 3 Technical Background Papers.

Summary Report:
T-081 No.1 Document Strategic Knowledge Exchange – An EU Perspective and Overview

Strategy Documents:
T-074 No.1 Document Flood Security Strategy
T-076 Water Supply Security Management Strategy Analysis
T-078 Ecological Security Strategy Document
T-079 No.1 Document Economic and Financial Analysis
T-080 No.1 Document Legal and Institutional Analysis

Technical Reports:
T-072 Flood Risk Economic Assessment
T-073 No.1 Document Flood Security Analysis
T-075 No.1 Document Water Resource Supply Security
T-077 Ecological Security Strategy Analysis Paper