China Water 2015 report now available

The Ministry of Water Resources, People’s Republic of China has issued its 2015 report in a refreshing format of a cassette with 10 thematic papers.

The report was distributed at the CEWP information meeting at the MWR 10 March 2015.

Below you will find links to scans of the 10 papers.

2015 MWR-1_Water Resources

2015 MWR-2_Water Policies, Laws and Regulations

2015 MWR-3_Water Resources Management and Protection

2015 MWR-4_Water Science and Technology

2015 MWR-5_Dam Construction and Management

2015 MWR-6_Soil and Water Conservation

2015 MWR-7_Rural Water Supply

2015 MWR-8_Irrigation and Drainage

2015 MWR-9_Flood Control, Drought Relief and Disaster Mitigation

2015 MWR-10_Small Hydropower Development and Management