Research and Innovation Event

The CEWP Research and Innovation Event was held in the State Office Building, Turku in the afternoon of September 21st. The event was organized and coordinated by the Water Engineering research group of Turku University of Applied Sciences together with the Intercity collaboration of South-West Coast of Finland.

Topics covered during the afternoon focused on the fields of smart water, sustainable development and circular economy. The event had six keynote speakers coming from Finland, China, Latvia and Austria. In addition to the keynote speakers, two panel discussions were held with the themes circular economy and smart water. Dr. Panagiotis Balabanis from the European Comission and Dr. Antonio Lo Porto from Euraqua facilitated these discussions.

The R&I event had also a poster exhibition where versatile research institutions and universities presented posters regarding their projects and research topics. Two of the presenting institutions were from China and seven from Finland.

In total the event gave opportunities for good dissemination of research and collaboration activities between China and Europe. Interesting keynote speeches were heard and the participants were able to meet or strengthen their relationships with other international experts.