New co-lead on Integrated Urban Water Management being developed within the work area: Urban Water Challenges

During the CEWP Inception Workshop in Beijing, China 5-6 March, the suggestion to develop a new Co-Lead on Integrated Urban Water Management was discussed. Reactions from participants were positive and many interesting and fruitful suggestions were received.

Based on the outcome of the workshop Denmark is now preparing a proposal to implement this new co-lead. It has been sent it to the Steering Committee of CEWP in April 2014. The plan is for an endorsement of the Co-Lead at the next Steering Group meeting of CEWP.

Prior to the Inception Workshop Denmark had been in Dialogue with CEWP partners and the European Steering Group and based on initial feed-back it was decided to suggest a new co-lead on the Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) under the work area: Urban Water Challenges and to participate in and present this idea at the Inception Workshop.

Integrated Urban Water Management missing among CEWP topics
The CEWP Inception Workshop was held in Beijing, 5-6 March 2014. Prior to the workshop 9 co-leads were initiated covering three main work areas: rural water challenges, urban water challenges and river basin and flood risk management.

In the process of developing CEWP and its Co-leads it became clear that some key and hot issues in urban water challenges were not included among urban topics. These were issues like non-revenue water, integrated planning, urban water resources and water in the urban landscape – living with the water. These topics are among those to be included in the coming Co-Lead.

Miriam Feilberg

Sten Lindberg
Dr. Qian-ming Lu

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22 Apr 2014