CEWP conducted two tecnical sessions November 2016 regarding the focus areas and the horizontal activities

The two sessions took place during the 8th CEWP steering group meeting. The sessions addressed the status of CEWP co-operation and how to benefit from the EU Partnership Instrument. The objective is to expand and strengthen future cooperation.

Session 1 dealt with the status and plans of CEWP focus areas, including group discussions on inclusion of additional Chinese stakeholders in the cooperation. The topics which were discussed during the session were: River Basin Management, Rural Water and Food Security, Water and Urbanisation and Water and Energy Security. One of the outcomes of the sessions was an expressed intrest by Chinese agencies and institutions to join the focus areas.

Session 2 was initiated by five presentations on current Chinese policy development followed by a discussion on, how to incorporate the development into the CEWP Focus Area and Horizontal Activities. The Chinese Ministry of Water Resources shared perspectives on China Water Exchange, Double Control Action, The River Keeper System, Irrigation Reform, Groundwater Policy and Legislation.

Read the summery, written by Lars Skov Andersen, for the two sessions here.

Here you can find an overview of the presentation from the sessions:

List of Participants

Presentation of River Basin Management and Ecological Security

Presentation of Sino-French Haihe River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Project

Presentation of Progress of Co-lead research group of Restoration, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

Presentation of Rural Water and Food Security

Presentation of Progress and Suggestions on Groundwater Programme Collaboration

Presentation of Integrated Urban Water management

Document about CEWP focus area ‘Water and energy security’

Presentation of Water and Energy Security focus area

Presentation of Small Hydropower

Survey Report on Intention of Participating in CEWP

Minutes from Consultation event

Expression of interest from Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Presentation of Water-Energy Nexus

Decision paper on the Central Committee of CPC and the State Council on Accelerating the Water Conservancy Reform and Development

Presentation of Introduction to China’s Action Plan on Water Pollution Control and Conservation

Presentation of Promoting Water Right Transaction Fully Playing the Role of Market Mechanism in the Allocation of Water Resources

Presentation of Groundwater Management and Protection in China